With the leaves falling during this time of year it is a good time to think about annual roof maintenance. Many people are aware that the leaves need to be removed from gutters, but removing debris from the roof is just as pertinent. Leaving branches, leaves, and pine needles on the roof surface is not only an eyesore but can also cause problems. The moisture held in those items over time may increase your chances of mold and wood rot. Make sure you plan to inspect your home’s roof this fall and clean any unwanted debris sooner rather than later to protect your roof from harm during the colder and wetter months.

Annual roof maintenance will protect your home from unwanted moisture

Back to those falling leaves, while they may be beautiful, they can be a nuisance. More importantly than raking leaves from the ground, leaves in the gutters can cause a very significant problem. The leaves can build up in gutters along with dirt and other debris and clog gutters. When water isn’t allowed to flow properly through the gutters, the water must go somewhere. Oftentimes, that means water entering through windows, pushing into the roof system, or even flowing into foundation cracks. Gutter cleaning can be a dangerous and costly annual maintenance cost. Why not invest in Rain Drop gutter guards and never think about the problem again. There are many designs in gutter guards, but at Heritage Contractors we have certified installers of Rain Drop gutter guards and will only use that product. We believe in the product, and have seen many problems arise with other styles of gutter protection. Fall maintenance is extremely important to your roofing system, don’t put it off.

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