Located in Chicago, IL, Heritage Contractors specializes in commercial roofing services. We are committed to using quality, cutting edge technology, and durable products in our work with commercial buildings. We have many references in the area who have trusted our work and experience over the years. We offer two options in commercial roof replacement:

Low Slope Roof Replacement

Silicone Coating System


Tearing off a worn commercial roof is not always the best or most cost- effective option. Lucas silicone roof coating can save money because with proper preparation of the worn roof, a coating can be applied right over the existing roof. This system is fast, efficient, and will save money. Low slope roofing replacement is sometimes preferred, this option also offers energy efficiency benefits, and we are certified CertainTeed installers. Either way, know that with Heritage Contractors, we stand by our work to make sure your commercial roofing system is installed properly to protect your investment. Contact us through our website contact form or via phone at (773) 887-0268, a trained member of our team will be happy to discuss available options.