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If you are seeking a quality residential roofing company in Country Club Hills, IL, your premier choice is Heritage Contractors. Contact us today for an expert opinion and a free estimate for your project.

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Roofs are an unsung hero of our properties, playing an essential role in protecting us from the exterior elements throughout the year. A good quality roof also helps to improve energy efficiency, boost property value, enhance curb appeal, and protect indoor air quality.

Whether you are constructing a new property or looking for a roof replacement on an existing home, we have the expertise you need. If your roof is showing signs of aging or damage, it may be time to think about replacing it.

Signs that your roof should be replaced include if it has passed its expected lifespan, it has sustained severe water damage, it has started to sag, or multiple shingles are broken or missing.

When it comes to installing a new roof or gutter system, our experienced roofing contractors will be able to advise on the best materials in order to match your available budget and aesthetic preferences.

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Our trained and experienced roofers are here to help when you have a residential roofing project. Whether you are looking for a new or a replacement roof, contact us today to get started.

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